I signed up for Ipsy

Earlier in the year, I got on the wait list for a couple of these monthly beauty bag/box subscriptions. I wanted to try some new make-up but I was too lazy to source them out myself. Read: My rationale was that I’m always buying new make-up so why not let someone else do the shopping for me. March rolled around and I had risen to the top of the Ipsy waitlist and I was now a glam bag subscriber. So here’s my review of the products I received in my April glam bag. I haven’t gotten around to trying the  products in my May glam bag so I’ll review those in a separate post.


The April glam bag was dubbed “pretty in pink” so natch everything in the bag including the bag itself was a shade of pink. I love pink so this was not a problem for me, however what if I was one of those people that hated pink ?  Then this bag would have been no good for me, anyhoo…

Starting with the Sation Nail Lacquer. This was a brand that I had never heard about before. The colour I received is called “Of Corset I’ll Call You” and is described as “a romantic lavender-rose”. It is a really sheer pink and I had to apply three coats to achieve a decent level of pigmentation. In general I’ll say I like the nail polish, will continue to use it, and it lasts as long as the average nail polish (chips in 3-4 days).


Next, I also received a powder blush by another brand I had not heard about before – Be a Bombshell. The colour I received is called “Beach Please”, and is described as a “bright matte pink”. The description is spot on but if only it was long lasting.

The gem in this month’s glam bag, however, was the MicaMineral eye shadow I received in “Earth” (a light shimmery pink). This is a close up picture of the shadow with and without flash.

IMG_2664 IMG_2663


I really love this shadow – it is smooth, crease free, and just looks great. I have used it all over my lid as well just on the inner corner of my eyes. The shimmer looks beautiful in the light. It is not too dull and and the same time is not too over-powering. I can see myself continuing to use this product. Thanks Ipsy!

Not pictured is the Sexy Hair Soy Renewal styling treatment I received. I’m in the middle of moving (hence the pictures on the carpet!) and I tossed this product while clearing out my bathroom. I did use it once but it was very underwhelming and that’s all I have to say about it. Oh well!

I’m looking forward to trying out the products in my May glam bag and reviewing them for y’all. xx



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