10 Beauty Essentials

Another day, another website to share with y’all. Today, it’s Beautylish, one of my fave sites for all things beauty. Into the Gloss is another close runner-up. Oh, and Nouveau Cheap too. But I digress (see, I get carried away easily). I read the “10 Essential Items in your Beauty Wardrobe” post on Beautylish and I thought to create my own. I love that the writer related the beauty items to actual wardrobe staples.


1. Aveeno Positively Radiant Facial Moisturizer SPF 30

First is the moisturizer aka “The Push-up Bra” because it “supports everything you layer on top of it”. I’ve been using this Aveeno one for about two months now. I think it works well but it’s not moisturizing enough for the colder weather but it worked very well when it was warmer. I’m just waiting for it to run out as I want to try to Philosophy Hope in a Jar range. However, the SPF is a definite plus.


2.  MAC Mineralize Concealer

Next is concealer or “The Slip”, it is so called because “there’s nothing wrong in wearing one to cover your bases”. I really like this concealer because I don’t have much to cover up as I’ve thankfully been blessed with good skin and the formula is not too thick. I mainly use it under my eyes to cover my occasional unsightly eye bags.

3. Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick; Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation

Foundation is nicknamed “The Trench” because it “creates a figure-flattering look for your entire outfit”. I didn’t think this was the best analogy but we’ll make do with it. I couldn’t decide which of my foundations I liked best so I decided to show both. Yes, this Maybelline foundation stands up to a Bobbi Brown one. Both provide light to medium coverage and I actually just love the smooth finish of the Maybelline foundation. I guess the Bobbi Brown one is okay too, it’s definitely more long lasting than the Maybelline one. What can I say, I just love ’em both.


4. Bobbi Brown Bronzer; MAC Powder Blush in Ambering Rose

Number four according to the Beautylish article is actually “Contour and Highlight” aka “Shape Wear”. I haven’t quite learnt how to contour so I replaced this category with bronzer and blush.  Believe me when I say this bronzer is everything. I love it because it is not a shimmer tone  so you can layer it on to build coverage as you like. I wear it all over on top of my foundation and many times I just wear it on its own as an all over face powder. On the other hand, this powder blush from MAC is certainly a shimmer tone. I had been eyeing it for a while before I finally caved and bought it. Do I regret it ? I hardly think so.


5. L’Oreal Lineur Intense “The Little Black Dress”
6. MAC Brow Pencil “The Belt”
7. NYX Jumbo Eye Liner in Milk “The White Blouse”
8. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara “The Diamond Studs”

I can’t say I really like my L’Oreal Eyeliner,  I used to and I just sorta fell out of love with it. I’m searching for a new one and I’m open to every, and any suggestion except the Maybelline Line Stiletto – that’s rubbish too. My brow pencil is by MAC, natch. I actually don’t line my water line with the white eyeliner as the Beautylish article recommends this is actually my eyeshadow primer – sue me. Lastly, this mascara is one of the best drugstore options- trust me.


9. MAC Lipstick Impassioned
10. Maybelline Lipstick Red Revival

Beautylish recommends a pink lip tint aka “The It Bag” and a red lipstick “The Pumps” as beauty essentials. I couldn’t agree more with the analogy for the pink lipstick. A pink lip gives me a pep in my step -true story- as the it bag of the moment would do to it’s owner. Neither of these two lipsticks are a matte finish so if that’s your preference I wouldn’t recommend either – but I like them. The MAC Impassioned is what they describe as “amplified creme” (beats me) and the Maybelline one is satiny finish. Here are swatches of both:


Well that was a mouthful. After writing this I feel like the poster child for high and low, I have a good mix of drugstore and designer brands and I love all equally. What are your beauty essentials ?

and p.s. I really need a new black liquid eyeliner. Help!

p.p.s  the preview image of this post is how I store my make-up

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